Our rescues have barely a roof above their heads At our short term cat shelter, our rescues participate in with outdated grocery store containers and rest in fruit plastic crates, outdated blankets or an outdated sunbed cushion we bought from the trash. The shelter has barely any home furniture: a couple of outdated chairs that they use as scrathing poles, an outdated wrecked couch bed and a pair of outdated desks. At the new area, we want them to have: cozy beds, scratching poles, new litter containers, drinking water fountains, feeders, rugs and new toys! Treatment to help us out?
Our new cat shelter undertaking intention is to provide them with not just heaps of like and a protected area to reside but also some of the things they were being used to obtaining just before abandonment.
Can you help us give these furbabies just a bit of what they dropped when they were being remaining behind?

Techniques to donate:

GoFundMe Fundraiser (Wishlist)

You can opt for to donate a quantity equivalent to any ítem on our wishlist o simply donate any amount you wish to help us reach our overall intention. To make your donation please check out >

T-Shirt Fundraiser
Buy ta awesome tee with an exclusive design for only $19 USD and help us raise up to 500 USD to get cat shelter materials this sort of as: beds, scratching poles, perches, rugs, blankets, condos and toys! Treatment to help us out? **Delivery limited to the U.S.** Extra info & FAQ at > http://projectchangeonelife.org/catshelter/t-fund/


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