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———- 1. Do I have to register online in order to arrive? ——————–
•YES. You HAVE to register here online in order to take part in any part of the event. We have to have to know how quite a few shirts, buckets, and pizzas to acquire for you all.

———- 2. Is the a registration deadline? ———-
•Not definitely, but if you register after Wednesday November 14, you could possibly not get a shirt.

———- 3. Do I have to be at the total event? ———-
•NO. You can arrive to as little, or as considerably as you want.
•You can arrive just for the Facts periods, just for the CARBOARD Town, just for the H2o Wander, or just for the FLASH MOB.

On the other hand
•If you want to be in the FLASH MOB (organized dance in the Claremont Village Square on Saturday at midday), you DO have to arrive to the Friday evening flash mob Exercise (9pm)

———- 4. What do I have to have to bring? ———-

For the Facts Periods:
•A notebook, and something to compose with

For the CARDBOARD Town:
•A signed medical launch and arrangement type
•Enough cardboard to develop your shelter
•Tape for taping your shelter with each other
•WARM Garments (it is November…)
•Sleeping Bag / Pillow
•Deodorant, Toothbrush, etcetera

For the H2o Wander:
•Comfortable strolling shoes
•Something to put padding in between your head and your bucket (like a thick scarf you could wrap in a spiral)

For the FLASH MOB:
•Just you and your sweet dance moves (you will get your bucket at the observe on Friday evening)

———- 5. What ages are permitted to attend? ———-
•This is mainly a Large School event. There will be a handful of exceptions, but this is the general age group.

———- six. What is the schedule? ———-

Friday Night time:
•7:00pm Registration and dangle out
•8:00pm Humans v Zombies
•9:00pm Flash Mob Exercise
•10:00pm Poverty & Compassion Facts Session
•11:00pm Create CARDBOARD Town
•12:00pm Sleep

Saturday Early morning
•8:00am Clean up H2o Facts Session
•9:00am H2o stroll / Flash Mob Planning
•10:00am H2o Wander leaves Newlife
•11:30am Arrive at Village
•12:00pm Flash Mob
•12:15pm Pizza
•1:00pm Return to church, go residence

———- 7. Will there be food through the evening / morning? ———-
•Nope. There will be beverages (espresso, electricity beverages, slushies, etcetera), but part of our event is suffering from what it feels like to go without the need of food. If you completely have to have food for wellbeing explanations or something, you can bring your individual, but we would question that you you should not take in it in entrance of other people, or make their sacrifice tougher in any way.

———- eight. Wherever can I get far more details? I have a handful of concerns… ———-

Get hold of Reid Powell (Youth Pastor at Newlife Community Church)

Office: 909.593.7070 x25

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