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Month: February 2017

Von Vintage at City Grind

Above two decades in the past, I identified an outdated Brownie box digital camera which sparked the idea to create an ongoing series of get the job done. I made a decision that I desired to maintain inspiring classic structure and aesthetics by shooting a timeless series, all shot on classic film cameras. Since then, I have spent hrs holding an eye out for gorgeous, at the time cherished keepsakes to seize permanently. A many variety of rolls of film ran by means of cameras that barely labored, and film obtained fogged in X-ray machines, but I eventually landed...

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KALI [poem]

Kali 1. The huge continent is contacting to me, it will come to me in goals often as a snake, other times it is a lover with a dip in his back again where I press press press my hands. This is a seeking that blows through the 9 planets and no, not like the milky way, but like Saturn and her rings, red-fireplace, spinning. In the blaze of dream-time, It claims my name like a rosary but no 1 is threading beads through fingers, just a hungry howl, like a wolf, or a bear contacting to her cubs,...

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Make Cash Printing and Offering Your Very own T-Shirts

You can buy all the gear in the environment, have all the most up-to-date t-shirt printing gear and be the best printer in the business enterprise but practically nothing is extra useful than the suitable concept at the suitable time. At times an occasion or fashion or phrase turns into so well-liked right away that printing it on to a t-shirt and Fast is a business enterprise prospect in the generating. How lots of I appreciate New York or Che Guevara t-shirts do you believe have been marketed in the environment? Thousands and thousands and tens of millions. The favourable facet is this: If you can believe of the suitable t-shirt to market and secure it with your copyright then that massive house by the sea and the Ferrari will not be just a desire. However the down facet is that in all probabilities the concept you have like the smiley encounter will be unattainable to copyright. Keep in mind all you will need is a standard simple t-shirt and the suitable concept but you ought to also remember that if you miss the boat then them t-shirts that ended up likely to make you a fortune will swiftly flip into worthless rags, question anybody selling Jedward t-shirts on eBay. The shelf daily life of a well-liked t-shirt is just not extended, “Vote For Pedro” t-shirts for illustration marketed...

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